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Poster: Deadhead225 Date: Nov 2, 2012 12:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What's the matter, you dissentious rogues? That, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion, make yourselves scabs.

Try this: Vote out every incumbent in Federal office for the next 4 elections. Citizen imposed term limits. Eliminate the continual election cycle posturing. I have voted for members of both parties in the past, but now it is time to simply eliminate politics as a lifer career choice.

Eliminate the shame imposed on success in this country and restore pride in this great nation. There is no chance for recovery as long as you place zero value on achievement. Or worse. I have surveyed the business people of this land and nearly to a man they are not prepared to do anything to grow their businesses. This is from those that employ 300,000 to those that employ 3. We are going nowhere like that. The majority revenue and jobs come from these people. Not to mention the $ for the Govt that makes up the rest of the employment picture.

Otherwise I am personally looking to vote with my feet. I will leave this place and never earn another US $ again or pay another dime in tax. Continue to bleed me dry with inflation, 0 interest rates no real job growth, and there will be no more free cell phones to cushion the blow.

Bottom line here is that we can not spend money b/c we have less than none. You can not tax ANYONE and recover when 70% of GDP is now based on consumer spending. Every dollar that goes into the inefficient Govt. pot is a $ out of the growth and recovery of this nation. Well, OK .70. Just don't spend and initiate a flat tax for individuals and Corps so you can actually do some normal accounting to figure out what is going on like any other household or business.

Unfortunately it is all about the $ this time.